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Private Parties & Events for Kids

Paint with Glow or Slime with Glow

We offer Kids Paint or Slime Parties for any events and for all ages with glow in the dark art materials.

"Paint"      "Slime"    "Tie Dye"

We offer one or two projects per party 

It is your choice to add to the party:

  • Face Painting with Glow in the dark "kids makeup"

  • Glowing Tattoos

  • Blacklight Dance Party

  • Karaoke

Kids parties projects:  Paint, Slime or TieDye 
$435 minimum package 

  (covers up to 10 kids, 2 hours)
Party includes art supplies and instructions.

Included in package:
+Blacklight with Glowing Art supplies, Face Painting or
Glowing Tattoos, DANCE PARTY 
+You are welcome to bring foods and drinks
Parties with over 10 kids - brining food/drinks fee $35
15 or more kids - brining food & drinks fee $45

+Each additional child - $25 
Discounts for parties over 30 kids

 ADD a second project $155
Each additional child for extra project - $12
maximum 50 kids 

We offer a package of Glowing Balloons Arch/Glowing Happy Birthday Banner/table covers - $65
Kids will get extra balloons to play with during the dance party.


Kids Tie Dye - price depends on the project. We do not provided cloths for the project (unless you would like us to order it for you), we provide art supplies and instructions.
Depending on the age of kids we could add Dance and Karaoke 
Kids parties are for all ages for up to 14 years old
14 years and older - the price is the same as for adults parties 


How to BOOK:

Please text/call or email us to check availability and place a deposit! 

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